Thursday, July 14, 2011

Great new find

I was channel surfing in the car the other day and nothing seemed to interest me. I wasn't in the mood for music, the news channels were just, well... all negative, and even my normal programmed channels seemed dull. I stopped on the Cosmo channel for a second, thinking as usual that the topic would be their normal over the top superficial dialogue of Hollywood gossip and over priced shoes; but for a moment, it was something different.

This guy (radio host at the time, no clue about his name or expertise) was speaking about how he visited his pal in rural NY for the weekend and was amazed and moved by his friend's wife Val. He spoke about how she carried herself, cared for the family, was extremely happy, healthy and wise. He mentioned that she was a yoga instructor and that she also had just started her own blog.

I was captivated by this woman all of a sudden. I had to find out more about her and her blog. How could a person so young be so put together, healthy, happy and wise? The radio fella mentioned her blogs name, I somehow remembered it and then when I had my next opportunity to catch some Internet, I looked her up.

From the looks of it, she only just started her blog; but in my opinion, I love her writing, her thoughts and completely feel inspired by her. I understand why this radio host friend of hers was so taken by her. Her blog entry "Everything we need we already have" was just wonderful. I felt I had to share it. Enjoy.

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YogaVal said...

I just received a link to your blog - from a visitor on my blog - - telling me that is how they discovered my link. Crazy how this internet can connect us all! I just want to thank you for your heartfelt words. They left me feeling a great sense of comfort and encouragement! I"ll link your blog on mine as well ; ) LOVE the Italian cooking! I"m always looking for new recipes ; )