Monday, July 25, 2011

Just having a little food fun

I had some friends over this past Saturday where I made Timpana and the folks also brought in some scrumptious delights. I'll be posting more about that tomorrow (I didn't upload all of the pictures apparently).

Bella has been doing so well in broadening her food horizons. We are so proud of her. Everyday she strives to try something new. She has found that she likes cantaloupe, sharp cheddar cheese, mustard, and pineapple. She didn't really enjoy the watermelon, avocado or olives. She found that she really loves fresh cherries and Timpana.

She loved my Timpana so much she had seconds for dinner Saturday and then requested leftover Timpana for dinner Sunday.

Here they both are having a little fun at the table yesterday.

We are still working on getting Weeman to eat more of a variety of foods. He's getting there slowly. He's our resident vegetarian and sweet tooth. He did also find out that fresh ripe cherries blow grapes out of the water!

Kris's thoughts on Timpana.
It's all in having fun right? Now Kris, I still see your vitamins on your plate. Better eat up!

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