Monday, July 11, 2011

Mackenzie Childs

On the final whole day we had in New York we decided to just hang out at the Inn and maybe drive around a bit. The finger lakes near us (just south of Lake Ontario) are surrounded by vineyards. Jill found in the travel brochure that one of her favorite companies Mackenzie-Childs had their small factory and store very near the inn. So that's were we headed.
View from the top of the hill where the Mackenze-Childs compound was.

Jill in front of some of the beautiful gardens there.

The factory and store are surrounded by artists that live within the property. These artists help create a lot of the hand made items they sell. The grounds were very beautiful.

The old farm house were they now use to display a lot of their products and art.

View from the porch. You can't really see, but way in the back there was a vegetable garden behind the barn. The next few pictures are from the inside of the farm house.

Everything in that farm house was created and painted by hand. Very cool.

You know you are at a small airport when...

The TSA leave you a "We will be back at..." sign when they are on their break.

Picture of the little prop plane we took to Washington. Was my first experience jumping about in a small plane. I was a bit concerned and very happy upon landing both times.

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