Monday, July 11, 2011

New York Trip

Have I mentioned that I love the state of New York? Every time I visit, I love it more. I have yet to experience the city, but someday I know I will.

How do I describe my feelings for this place. At least, the areas I have been. Mostly up state and now west. I can say; when I am there, I feel like I fit in. People seem to be interested in the same things as I am, they seem eager to meet you, friendly, inventive and proud of living a more sustainable and healthy life. I know I can't generalize for all because we are all people, there are the good, the bad and the ugly. Everywhere.

But most of the people I met and interacted with were so very enlightening. At the Inn they were proud to strive for the use of chemical free cleaning products, recycling and brought in local and organic foods, beer and wine. I was so excited! If you can imagine the look on my face when at our first breakfast when Urcula (the German housekeeper that I wanted to stuff in my luggage to take back home) said: "Welcome! For breakfast this morning we have Amish fresh made jams and jellies, local vegetables and fruit, Amish eggs, bread and cream and some freshly made pastries and quiche with fresh squeezed orange juice." I think I fainted and the girls had to pick me back up.

After that I couldn't wait until the next morning to see what other goodies they had for breakfast!
The inn we stayed at had a restaurant and a pub. They also made their own beer! This place rocked and I hope I get to visit again. This building was also built in the 1800's. So cool.

Inside our room. Jill and I shared a room and Kimberly had her own. They joined so we kept both spaces open.

Part of the pub.

This is a cute little restaurant we stumbled upon in Aurora. The food was delicious with all of the ingredients coming from local farms. From the salad, to the beef to the wine. It was all local. Unbelievable. They also had a small trail out back up on the hill where you could take your glass of wine and walk down for a nice view of the lakes and countryside.

I snapped a picture of a cottage near the lake outside of the restuarant. Excuse me...can I move in?

I had a great time visiting and I am so thankful that my friend Kimberly invited me to come. She was so thoughtful and giving. For the entire trip, I only had to pay for my food and half of my room. She got the rest. It was a trip I will never forget. We met some great people, ate some wonderful food and even got a picture with the band. Thank you so much Kimberly!

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