Monday, August 22, 2011

Another school year and a little bit of a mess

It was the weekend before school and all through the house....I had a couple of wild children, no sign of a mouse. Would be too chaotic for a mouse with any sense.

I will take all of the laughter and insanity I can. That means they are healthy and happy with a bit of crazy mixed in. Completely normal. Good stuff. Sunday I spent the day cooking, cleaning and prepping. The afternoon was then dedicated to pool time.

Weeman after his swim.
Bella is always last to get out of the pool. I remember being like that.
Kristjan went into Bella's room in search of a particular movie to watch. This is the mayhem he left behind. Bella was not too pleased.

I wonder if he found what he was looking for...
Another attack by the Weeman! Here is the end result of another search through a toy bin.
As I was "helping" him clean up his mess I noticed his guitar had a few guests living inside. No wonder it's way out of tune.
Bella's school bags ready to roll. Poor thing was really weighed down. I had to remove some items so that she could take them in batches. I can't imagine they will need everything on the first day. I have no clue how they expect these little kids to carry all of the items on their lists of supplies they need each year.

I went online and print out the standard list and I did have Chris bring a bag of supplies at registration but then she received a new list of more supplies specific to her grade or class. This new list is aggravating because I have to run to Target or the like and fight with the rest of the panicked parents over the slim leftover pickings days before school. It gets ugly folks.

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