Monday, August 22, 2011

Is moderation enough?

Bella wanted some pizza for dinner. I let the dough age an extra day and it made all the difference. It was nice and light. I'm not much in to a lot of cheese, but I still snuck a tiny piece in for quality assurance. The dough was my favorite part. Next time (for me), I'll just make focaccia topped with olives, rosemary and such. Much better than greasy cheese.

Moderation is the key right? I don't make cheese pizza a regular visitor at home, but every once in a while I make a pie or two. Problem for most Americans is that moderation means often and always.

After seeing that commercial with the cheese like substance that clogs the arteries...I don't need to be eating a whole lot of cheese. No one should be eating a whole lot of cheese.

You know...there are not many vegetarians out there with heart disease and for vegans it's rare to never a problem. I see the logic there. Abuse of animal products = poor health.

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