Friday, August 5, 2011

Kids keeping in touch

Ninnie and Emily came to visit us this week and also to celebrate the birthday of Mama Ruby who turned 104 this year. Mama Ruby is the children's great-great grandmother and Chris's great grandmother.

It was especially nice for the girls. Emily and Bella have a wonderful and close relationship. Even with the small age gap, they still seem to find no problem playing and enjoying each other.

These visits are always short and fleeting though. When they left last night, Bella was a mess. She cried for some time and then spent the rest of the evening sullen and quiet with her eyes all puffy and red. I felt so bad for her, but also reminded her that she would see Emily again soon at Thanksgiving when we travel up to visit. She will be counting the days.

Bella, Emily and little Kris

When the girls have to part ways, and I see Bella so distraught I feel troubled by their separation. I understand that this is, what it is right now with us living states apart, but to watch my daughter; who loves her cousin dearly, tear apart at every departure, I just hate it.

I'm scared that we may never get to fix this problem. The problem of living so far away. I want these children to live near each other, to grow up together and create memories...together. Not just at Thanksgiving, maybe Christmas, a birthday or a planned vacation.

With the slow economy and execrable housing market it may take longer than anticipated to make any move. Sometimes it seems almost impossible. Right now, it is. If we want to do it the right way, it is.

Until that time can come, we must treasure those moments when we are together and use all that technology has to offer to keep in touch. By car, plane, phone and Internet.

These times of togetherness are also perfect for the girls to practice their beauty and fashion skills. Kris seemed like the perfect model for all of their projects and he didn't mind a bit.

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