Monday, August 22, 2011

Question is...can I do this every Sunday?

The already time crunched weekdays are about to get even more crunched with the school year approaching. Bella will be needing to get homework done, study, read and have us available to help. That's also mixed in with bath time, cooking time and eating time. Then they have me coming home around 7pm most week days because of exercise. I know that doesn't help the family unit, but I must exercise and I have to fit it in and make sure the family is taken care of at the same time.

Everything must be planned and attacked timely in order to get any relax, reading or play time in before bed time.

I needed to make another effort to help Chris and I for the daily flow so I thought of making Sunday morning the week food prep time. My first Sunday was a complete success. I cooked from about 10am to 2pm making some meals to help for the work week. That way I am not hanging in front of the stove all night when I could be helping with homework or tending to other needs.

The key is to be able to make healthy meals ahead of time. Not every healthy meal can be made ahead as freshness is key. For salads though, I can at least chop up the veg or make the dressings ahead.A batch of roasted vegetable puree. All Chris or I need to do is heat up the puree, boil up some wheat pasta and toast some walnuts. This is a family favorite and could not be easier to make.

In a large baking dish I throw in a basket of cherry tomatoes whole, 1 red onion cut in large wedges, 2 red bell peppers cut in large wedges and 6 whole cloves of garlic. Toss them with some olive oil, salt and pepper and roast at about 475 until you see charred marks and the tomatoes are soft. I put the roasted veg in my food processor, add some crushed red pepper and a squeeze of agave or honey and puree until perfecto. Toss with boiled wheat pasta and top with toasted pine nuts or walnuts.
I made a batch of dahl made with French lentils. This yummy batch is ready to go once heated back up. All we need to do here is boil up some rice or eat as is.

I made a large batch of chicken noodle soup. Heat and serve.
I also made my favorite soup, Martha's Red Lentil & Squash Curry Soup. The curry recipe that accompanies this soup is amazing. I just love this soup. I nabbed a small bowl of it to take for lunch at work. This will be ready to serve once heated.

I can easily make a couple of soups each Sunday. I can fill them with yummy vegetables, barley, beans or lentils and know I am having a healthy meal.

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