Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bella's Birthday

It's hard to believe, but our Isabella just turned nine this year. Nine years old. It's hard to believe time has passed so quickly. She had a wonderful birthday this year.

The day before her birthday we visited a children's museum downtown. Bella was excited about visiting it for the first time. Both of them ended up enjoying the day. Bella was on the go so fast, I never got a photo in of her. Can you say spazz? Even without the red dye, she's fast and furious. I have video! I may have to post some.
Two goofy firemen. Hey! You better turn around there. Looks like that house is burning down!

Sea captain!

Currently Kris is fascinated by snails. He hunts snails, looks at pictures of snails, wants to be read stories about snails and loves to watch Spongebob Squarepants because of his pet snail Gary. While soaking in the pleasant weather at the park downtown just outside of the museum, Kris came across a bounty of snails and was collecting them. We ended up leaving them behind so they could thrive.
We ordered Bella's cake from one of our favorite family owned restaurants near home. They also made these delicious apple baskets. Inside is a baked whole apple with cinnamon and nuts.
Bella's monstrous birthday cake! It was impressive in size. We are still working on it. Do you like my lovely "Bella 9" addition?
Our beautiful birthday girl!

You can do it! Just one more left to blow! Kind of difficult when you are giggling instead of blowing.
Time to dive into the presents! I was keeping a list. Hope it got it all right.
Bella received so many lovely gifts. From clothes to new bedding, some pretty jewelry, crafting, books, puzzles, and gift certificates. We are so thankful.
Even Weeman got a few gifts. Look a small monkey for a monkey!
He loves his monkey and has been sleeping with him. Hmm... Looks like there are still remnants of dinner on his face. Snack for later...
Bella also loved her purple hat and her Bella bear.

Bella loved and was thankful for all of her presents. She also received a Kindle from Nanna and Nannu. She has been reading with it nightly since. I of course had to test it out right? So far it's working out just fine. Fits great in my hands and everything...

Just something on the side here. Bella reminds me to call her by some of the other names I used to call her by at times. When she was just born I used to call her Tweety Bird. Not sure why, but I did (like when I started calling Kris "Bubbers". Where the hell did that come from?). As she got older; maybe around two or three, I then would call her Dee Dee. From there it went to Bellabean, Bells, Bell and most commonly Bella unless she's in big trouble and then the full Isabella or Isabella Cesira is used.

She is in for a huge surprise this coming weekend! We have time off and will be taking her to an undisclosed location for a few days. Shh! It's a surprise! We won't be telling her until she notices I am not driving towards daycare that morning. I can't wait to surprise her and to also get away for a few days.

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Best Wishes, Marie said...

looks like fun !! glad she had a great bday. those apple baskets sure look tasty.