Monday, September 26, 2011

Flavor flavor!

This weekend was all about running errands, doing chores, catching up and stocking up. Oh and some auto repair and maintenance. That's always an ouch! We also had a wonderful dinner with Nanna and Nannu Saturday evening.

On a typical Saturday or Sunday before venturing out, we make sure to eat a hearty breakfast or brunch and bring lots of snacks and beverages to avoid eating out and spending even more money. I am guessing we all needed more nutrients this Saturday because mid way through our ventures we all were famished and snacks weren't cutting it.

We decided to swing by this place where they serve up quick style Tex-Mex. Lots of super sized burritos, salsa & chips, tacos, etc. The kids loved their lunch but Chris and I had a problem with ours. We both ordered burritos stuffed with rice, black beans, vegetables and guacamole but both burritos were tasteless.

We went to the salsa booth and grabbed tubs of assorted salsas to see if perhaps topping each bite with those would help. Nothing. Even the salsas where flat. All of them tasted like water and cilantro. The burritos just contained the textures of the ingredients with no flavor at all.

Usually sodium is the main attraction at most restaurants, but not here. And who knows what was up with the flavorless ingredients. How can a black bean or an onion be void of flavor?

I wanted to feature on this post a dish packed with flavor with a little heat for good measure. While on our shopping venture I picked up a jar of Thai red curry paste. You only need about a teaspoon or two for a whole dish depending on the heat level you are looking for. With one jar I can make several meals. We just love the stuff!

This dish is packed with good veg and full of protein and fiber. Oh, and it does have flavor too!

In my skillet I tossed up with a little oil one onion, one pepper and one stalk celery cut in large chunks along with some chopped kale. I had let the onion, pepper and celery mixture get a little soft before adding in the kale.
I then added some cubed tempeh and tossed about another few minutes on medium heat.
At this point I added a couple of teaspoons of Thai red curry paste mixed well with the veg before adding one can of coconut milk, some salt & black pepper. I was able to find some low fat coconut milk from Whole Foods verses the full fat version. I let that simmer about five to eight minutes.
Served that loveliness over some brown rice. Good stuff!

I have some great recipes in plan the rest of this week. I hope to get them all in as I get back to my exercise routine (my cold is finally outta here!) and will be cooking late and in a rush. I'll do my best! Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are not post worthy! ;o)

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