Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Just run with it

I had mentioned previously that Chris and I were embarking on two new adventures in regards to our health. It's easier for me to tell you about one of them than the other. This stems from my feeling that I should really be concerned with how others think. I really shouldn't.

First, I must tell you about one of my neighbors Dave. Dave went from being a little heavy and inactive to running marathons and participating in triathlons! It all started when a friend of his was diagnosed with cancer and lost her hair from treatments. Dave and some of his friends decided to shave their heads so she would not feel so alone. After that, I believe he realized a healthier and vibrant life was very important and made a change.

How he somehow fits the training and events in with two active teens with extra curricular activities themselves (he also coaches his son's football team) and a full time job I don't know. He's determined enough to train in the middle of the day (to adjust his body to the harsh temps he says - I think he's nuts) and also very early in the morning and late at night.

His journey gives hope that determination pays in big rewards. So in comparison to his running numerous marathons and triathlons, my telling you about running my first 5k in January isn't that big of a deal. For a previously inactive individual, it's a big step. I have a several reasons why I want to do it.

1. I remember paying to run this race a couple years ago and even posting about it on here and never did it . Chris will remind me of that until the day I die.

2. I would love to experience the feeling of accomplishment after crossing the finish line (also see #1).

3. I'll be able to finally get a chance to exercise and participate in an event with Chris.

4. I'll get to hang with my pal Janet and her family!

5. Hopefully will create the urge to participate in more events and even make some friends along the way.

Notice on #3 that Chris was included there? He decided that he would like to also run this 5K too and has been training daily while at the gym. I was so surprised and delighted! I mean, we may finally be able to do some sport activities together. I think it's so cool. I was telling him how awesome it would be for us to be an active family. The kind of family that all goes out with their bikes and rides on the weekends or all goes for jogs, rowing or other activities.

I think kids learn from observation. If your parents aren't active, then that shows them it's not necessary to be active. This is a great start!

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