Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Something new to love

I have always loved the ancient Japanese art depicting fighting Samurai warriors, kings and also the beautifully artful geisha. The figures seemed to be animated and fascinating to me. Japanese Anime cartoons have always been dramatic and usually very cute. Some of my favorite cartoons are Japanese Anime. Most recently, we are all enjoying Ponyo. Even Chris and I love this cute little movie.

We went to do some shopping in the gift shop in Japan (while in Epcot - where many countries are featured around the "World Showcase") to find some Pokemon items for Bella and also to pick up some Soba noodles. I also love to see their assortment of teas and beautifully painted Japanese plates and bowls.

While walking through the store I stumbled upon a couple of postcards from an artist by the name of Eri Kamijo. I fell in love with her work and wanted to buy all of them. I only purchased two, but would love to collect and frame some more. Her art gives me a sense of feminine independence and personal strength with some youth and innocence. Looking at them makes me smile. If they make me happy, that is a good thing.

Here are the two postcards I picked up. I just love them.

Here is another work that I like by Eri.

Showing more of Eri's detail.

I have a cousin named Amanda who lives in Japan. She actually wanted to become a Japanese Anime artist and moved to Japan to pursue her dream. She is currently teaching English there and Japan is her home now. I told her about how I adored Eri's work and she shared with me her favorite artist.

Her name is Audrey Kawasaki. She paints mostly on wood panels. I found them to be very beautiful and wanted to share three of my favorites so far.

You can see more of her beautiful work on her site linked above.
Some pretty book marks I picked up. Will I use them? Not sure. I don't want to ruin them.
Chris's favorite Japanese art theme is their sea life and especially waves. He wants to someday get a half sleeve of Japanese waves on his arm (to cover a tattoo he no longer likes).

Something new for me to love and bring into my life to make me smile and provide encouragement. I am not sure what art means to everyone, but to me I like the way Eri's work gives me hope that I can do it, I just have to believe in myself and believe that I do have the strength to battle my obstacles to reach my dreams.

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