Thursday, September 15, 2011

Surprise for Bella

We surprised Bella with a visit to Disney for a couple of days. She didn't realize we were staying at the hotel until we got to the room and said. "So, you like this room?" "Wanna stay here a couple of days?" She was floored! It was precious and she thanked us countless times. They both really loved the Animal Kingdom Lodge and its huge pool with a water slide. I believe if we never left the pool area with slide and games, it would have been ok with them.

Bella's favorite room was the lobby. It is pretty impressive.

The large room is filled with comfy couches, displayed art and roaming room. In one little section there was a couch with little seats and a television playing old Disney cartoons. You know, the cartoons we saw as a kid. This area was pretty popular.

We visited Animal Kingdom in the morning and then scooted over to Epcot for the afternoon. While in Animal Kingdom we had to visit Dino Land of course!

My two little dinosaurs.

We even fit in a little scuba diving.

I wonder who looks more terrifying? The shark or the two little monsters inside. I thought about taking the red eye out, but it seems fitting with their facial expressions while inside the mouth of a great white (Bruce from Finding Nemo) to just leave it alone.

Look a Samurai Warrior!

Bella with her Pokemon, Poke Ball or something. I just don't get it, but she's all into it. I suppose I am officially an old fart now. I no longer understand the toys the kids are playing with. Then again...has any parent understood the institution of Pokemon anyway?

It was a great weekend. We ate too well, played hard and wished we could stay. Bella didn't want to leave our "apartment". I promised we would return again someday.

I also promise to get some food back on here again for you. They will be as healthy as I can get. I have to cleanse out all of that "eating out" food and over indulgence. ;o)

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