Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Who was that?

I was just cleaning some pictures off of my phone when I came across a picture of me from December of 2009. This is about nine months before my attack in 2010. Thought I would share a before and after the "event" last year. Before


Goes to show that just because things are the way they are today, doesn't mean they can't be changed tomorrow.

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Best Wishes, Marie said...

great priorities! it is nice that our society is lining up more with healthy choices. it is nice to have "food revolution" and other movements and support. we are so influenced by our peers and it is nice when the peer pressure encourages us to be healthy.

it used to be healthy eaters were seen as fanatics.

i am taking a class now. mostly full of outdoor/ yogi types. i would not feel comfortable bringing a disposable bottle of water into the room. only the refillable type. there is no way i could bring a soda can. or big gulp cup into the classroom.

i love this. the gardening and canning that has become en vogue, and all the farmers markets, etc....

you are so sincere in your desires to be a good a good mom, person, etc..... keep it up !!!