Monday, October 3, 2011

Bring on the coolness

What a beautiful weekend! The weather was oh so perfect. We opened the windows and soaked up as much of the cool, dry air as we could. Aside from some mosquito's the size of commercial jetliners, the kids loved frolicking outside. I was so happy to be at home and not at work stuffed into my office so I could enjoy it with them. The pool I believe is now a done deal for the year. Brrr!
Bella hanging in the shade.
There was a comedian amongst us too.

Hunting for grasshoppers.

My rosemary has gotten huge! Those limbs are large enough to use as skewers. I think some grilled rosemary cherry tomatoes are in order.

She looks so innocent doesn't she?

Wearing dad's brewing cap.

Chris finally had a chance to brew again. He made a Belgian Saison variety. A very potent and flavorful brew. Instead of just fermenting a week, it will ferment for almost 4 weeks! Drink that stuff a sip at a time!

I am already looking forward to Friday evening again.

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