Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Extreme science

Earlier this week I stumbled upon an article "Why a personal trainer is making himself obese...on purpose" and had to share it. Drew here gained 70 pounds on purpose. The purpose being so that he could
experience first hand what it's like to be overweight and how much work it would take to get fit again. This way he would have a better understanding on teaching others. Seems pretty crazy huh?

He first experienced the withdrawals of his previous healthy diet and regimen when taking on the perils of the standard American diet. He's enjoying the taste of the unhealthy processed foods but feels like crap and is lethargic after and quickly craves more of these foods. The foods he's consuming to gain the weight primarily are from sugary cereals, granola bars, juices, white breads, white pastas, sodas, crackers chips, frozen dinners, boxed foods, etc. You know...the standard American fare.

He now seems to understand the massive cravings and addiction these processed foods create that people have to struggle to free themselves of in order to regain their proper weight and health back. It's an interesting read. Please read the full article linked above if you want the details. You can follow his progress if you're interested here.

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