Thursday, October 27, 2011

It can be done!

Usually when I make my pureed roasted sauce I toss the veg with olive oil, salt & pepper.  This time I created my roasted veg puree without the oil.  It worked.  I found it can be done!  
So I did the same as always.  In my baking dish I put a tub of cherry or grape tomatoes, 1 onion cut in large chunks, 2 red peppers cut in large chucks, about 8 cloves of garlic, salt and pepper.  Tossed them about and baked them at 475 degrees until a little charred on top.  Placed the roasted goodness in my processor and blended with some crushed red pepper, added a little veg broth and more salt & pepper as needed.

Seems the natural sugars and water in the vegetables prevent them from just turning into charcoal bits as I thought they would have without the oil.  After I had removed the roasted veg from my baking pan, I added some sliced Field Roast seitan frankfurters and baked them for a bit while my wheat pasta boiled.  When my pasta was done, I threw in some frozen chopped kale in with the pasta and water to heat it up.  I then strained the pasta with kale then put that back into the pot, added my puree and baked frankfurters and served topped with some toasted pine nuts.

Chris really loves seitan now.  I was told by my Engine2 instructor and coach last Monday that even vegan processed meats are a processed food. And to only eat them occasionally (mostly because of added salt, sugar and oil found in most processed foods).  Makes sense. A processed food no matter meat based or not, is still processed.  The goal is to eat a whole foods plant based diet.

We have been eating a certain way for some 40 years.  To change to something different takes work and time.  We still like the tastes and texture of what used to be meat in our diets.  These meat substitutes have the same texture like their animal counterparts and also (if you get the right thing) taste like them.  Adding them in dishes every now and then seem to help our cravings for that texture and taste.  What I need to do is make my own seitan.  Then I can make my own sausage.

I have to be happy with the progress we are making here.  I'm going to keep and open and reasonable mind about all of this.

My instructor also hit my heart where it would hurt the most and mentioned that agave nectar is considered a processed sugar.  Damn it man! Dude, you're killing me here!  I just can't handle that one.  I don't plan on omitting it from my tea.  I'll reduce my serving, but I won't give it up.  Sorry....

We have been plant based for six weeks now.  I myself feel awesome!  I mean, aside from my allergies, I feel so much lighter and cleaner.  I have more energy now and can even notice it at my workouts. Oh, and something else I have noticed.  My fingernails are thick and hard now.  They were always so thin and brittle before. Crazy cool.

To summarize:  You can roast vegetables without oil.  Eat processed meat substitutes only occasionally.  I love my agave nectar!  I have the nails of a vampire.

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Domestic Goddess Designs said...

Oh hell, you nearly made me spit coffee on my screen. You have the nails of a vampire. lol

Making seitan is super easy. :) I don't know if you have the Veganomicon cook book, but their recipe is awesome.

We have always done the best we can since we went vegan nearly a year ago. We are not perfect and we never will be. That's okay. I figure we are eating a million times healthier than we were before!