Thursday, October 6, 2011

Leftover makeover

Remember that rice salad I made the other day that had the black beans, brown rice, onions, tomatoes, cilantro and cucumber? Well, we had a little left in the frig and after coming home from working out, I wanted to use it up an throw something together in a flash. It was Survivor night! You either love it or hate it. We've been fans of that show from the beginning since 2000.

Anyway, I thought to make a large skillet of sorts with the leftover rice salad and some other added ingredients. In one small pot I boiled up about a cup of frozen field peas for about 8 minutes to soften, then drained them. Meanwhile in my large nonstick skillet I browned up some Gimmie Lean sausage with just a small spray of Pam (trying to stay clear of oils).

I had a little over a cup worth of the leftover rice salad, so I included another cup of cooked brown rice (I try to keep cooked brown rice in the freezer for ease of cooking time during the week.) with that and added to browning "sausage". I then added the field peas, some chopped kale, cumin, salt, pepper, teaspoon tamari and a little vegetable broth. Tossed together until kale wilted and then served hot. It was a great skillet and I bet that I could serve that to anyone, and they wouldn't notice the fact that it was completely meat free (that means cholesterol free!).

It ended up being a protein and fiber powerhouse. With the brown rice, black beans, field peas and kale there was plenty of both.

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