Monday, October 3, 2011

A new way of cooking

We are having so much fun playing around with food these days. Experiment after experiment and loving all of the results. My only hurtle will be cooking without oils. Things tend to stick without it ya know?

Here is an easy rice salad I made for lunch. I threw together a can of black beans, diced red onion, 1 diced cucumber, about a cup and a half of cooked brown rice, some halved cherry tomatoes, salt, pepper, cumin a hand full of cilantro chopped and the juice of two limes. It was delicious and I added no oil! No oil experiment #1 = success.
Ok, here I added some oil. How to roast sweet potatoes without a little toss of olive oil I don't know yet. I'm still studying my recipes on that. Next to my roasted sweet potato chunks we have a grilled portabello sandwich with pesto (no cheese recipe), red onion, cucumber and fresh water cress on a whole wheat kaiser roll. I marinated the mushrooms with a little tamari, pepper and ginger. Yummo!
Our recent favorite noodle. Some chilled soba noodles ready to be drizzled with some sweet dipping sauce made from mirin, lots of grated ginger, raw sugar and ponzu. Let that sauce reduce a bit and thicken, add agave as needed in the end if not sweet enough. Top with sliced scallions. You won't want to stop eating them.

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