Monday, October 24, 2011

No school, make it work

Friday was a teacher's planning day and daycare also decided it would be fun to be closed leaving all us worker bees scrambling to find a solution. I used this day of no school to my advantage and took Bella to her yearly dermatologist visit then after she came in to work with me for the day.

Chris had to take time off work and watched Weeman at home. It was a good thing really as Chris was coming down with a cold and didn't need to be working.
My pal Neil's son Brendan also came in to work. Neil set them up in our conference room with movies and a comfy couch. They only sat there a few minutes at a time (both seemed to have the same short attention span). They helped pick up printed copies, played on the computer, played on the DS, colored and also played hide and seek. Both of them ended up having a blast. It helped that they seemed a lot alike. Energy squared.

I somehow got my work done and then headed home. Bella had a great time and even made a new friend.

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