Monday, October 17, 2011

Prepping for a busy week

October is booming. Both at work and at home. I won't mention my work stress as it only seems to upset me. I'm much more inclined to share my off work schedule! This Monday I am attending my first Engine2, 28 day challenge meeting after work. I'll miss my workout, but I only have to attend each Monday for five weeks. No big deal. I'll be meeting other people dealing with the same issues so that we can share experiences, recipes and maybe even become friends. Who knows...

I can't wait to learn the recipes and any more information I can gather outside of the book itself.

Since I'll be coming home late Monday I made extra food Sunday for a few nights this week. This will also help out on my work out evenings when I come home late. This way Chris only has to heat and eat or maybe just boil some pasta or rice. He can handle that...right? ;o)

I made a huge batch of yellow split pea soup with kale, rosemary and potatoes. This is just heat, and eat! I was able to freeze some for later!I roasted up some eggplant, garlic, onion, tomatoes and red pepper. After this picture was taken I added some crushed red pepper and blended it into a sauce. That is ready to be heated up with some pasta and topped with some toasted pine nuts.
Here is me heating up some onion, black beans, chopped red chilies, seitan, cumin and chili powder. This was used as a filling for my black bean enchiladas! Rolled them up then topped them with salsa and baked.

Ended up being dinner. They were great, even without the cheese. I did for a split second miss my dollop of Greek yogurt, but I quickly got over it.

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