Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Scary stuff

Poor little Bellabean is recovering from strep throat right now. She started experiencing a scratchy throat on Saturday then on Sunday she really started to feel pain. We used a flashlight to see her throat and saw deep red coloration along with large red spots. We knew it must be strep only from remembering what Kris's looked like when he had it in the past.

We had a plan. Chris would stay home from work Monday to take her to the doctor first thing and Ninnie; who is visiting, would watch her Tuesday and I would take over Wednesday if needed. Plans changed.

As her pain progressed we were giving her Sucrets and Children's Tylenol to ease the pain. We tried warm tea as well, but she didn't like it. Sunday evening at 8pm she really was experiencing pain, so I decided to give her ibuprofen as it always works better and lasts longer. The Children's Motrin has not been on the store shelves for months. Not sure the reason, so I had a new bottle of Publix brand ibuprofen - the equivalent of Motrin.

Two hours later she commented that her throat was a little numb. I told her the medicine must be working - not thinking about any allergic reaction. She had been taking ibuprofen since she was very little. A few minutes after that her eyes began swelling. We made sure her breathing was ok and called poison control. After giving them all of the information regarding the medicine, dose and her weight they informed us to give her Benedryl and keep an eye on her. By midnight, her eyes and lips were swollen. It luckily didn't get any worse than that.

Bella was so scared. Mommy and daddy were so scared, but she didn't know that. We knew that as long as her breathing was fine and the swelling halted progression, she would be ok. We also have a hospital right across the street. I stayed up with her all night. She slept.

The alarm went off at 5am in hopes I would still go to work as planned. When I saw that her face was still swollen, I could not leave her. The duties and obligations of work vanished. The only thing that mattered was getting her to the doctor and getting her well.

And that she is doing now. Getting better. We know now that Ibuprofen will never pass her lips again. That was a warning, next time would be worse. Scary stuff. I am just happy she is doing better now and that I can see her beautiful brown eyes again!

Now, if I can just keep Kristjan from playing with bees and wasps and constantly getting stung and today (just got a call from daycare) standing in fire ant beds. Maybe someday he will realize that standing in a fire ant mound equals pain. I can't wait to go home and see what his legs look like. Seven bites on one and one on the other.

Mommy needs a beer....

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