Monday, October 24, 2011

Thanks Monique!

Part of the Engine2 diet and challenge is to omit all oils. I have to say, dropping the meat and dairy was a snap. Changing the way you cook without oil takes more work. The main problem is that eating out is even harder as oil or butter is used to prepare just about everything. Even ordering a salad is an issue unless you bring your own dressing. Luckily I don't eat out much; but when we do, we'll just have to deal with it or bring items - which seems meaningless since the whole purpose behind eating out is to experience new tastes and food combinations, not bringing your own foods. Might as well eat that salad at home!

Then again, the other reason to eat out is to be able to sit, be served and not do the dishes! I am reading several books at once (weird, I know) and one of them is a vegan book. They talk about BPO or Best Possible Option. Not to freak out if you fail or forget to prepare. Just go with the BPO at the time.

I'm not going to kill myself on this new way of life. I don't imagine that if I eat a salad while out on that rare occasion and there is oil in the dressing, the world will implode and on my birthday if I want to eat anything my little heart desires....I believe I will do so.

The whole point of this ramble (as I get carried away again...) is that I did find this awesome recipe called "No oil no fat crispy roast potatoes" thanks to my friend Monique who is participating with me on the Engine2 Challenge. She sent me this link and I gave them a try.
I had to share this! They totally rock! Thank you Monique for the link to this wonderful recipe. I've made these bad boys twice now and we all love them. They are super crunchy on the outside and nice and creamy light on the inside. Best of all, no oil or fat is used to make them and they don't stick to the baking sheet! You can pop as many of these babies into your mouth as you want. You are only eating potatoes, a little flour, salt and pepper. That's it.

I chuckled to myself when I put this picture up as it lacks any plating design. Looks very militant and boring. Here we have those rockin potatoes served with some steamed edamame and a Field Roast Italian seitan sausage. This sausage is made from wheat gluten (the protein portion of wheat) and all the herbs commonly associated with meat sausage but without the fat and cholesterol. They also have more PROTEIN than their animal based counterparts. Interesting...

I did put a squeeze of ketchup for my taters and some stone ground mustard for my sausage after the pic was taken.

Just a note. These Field Roast sausages are good..... So good Chris can never only eat one of them.

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