Monday, October 17, 2011

Vegfest 2011

It was a busy weekend all in all. Friday Chris and I escaped to Disney alone to use up our final day on the passes we had. Use it or lose it and for Disney prices, use it! We had fun. We met up with Janet and her lovely daughters while we were over there. It was great to see them.

Featured below are some pics from the second annual Vegfest. It was a much larger event than last year with many more vendors, info, food and entertainment. The kids had a great time petting all of the many dogs.
Bella enjoying a vegan hot dog. She really liked it. I need to find out what brand that was.

Kristjan running around on the little bridge.

Kristjan losing his shoe on the bridge. Daddy helping to put it back on.

Vegfest was great. The kids love going to the "big city" for any reason and to be able to run around and goof off. It's all worth it. I was able to get some great info and picked up a great book. Chris picked up a sprout growing kit.

Can't wait for next year!

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