Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Goose bumps

I went to visit one of the lovely blogs I follow and upon reading her post, I thought I must share this as it's so very significant and true. She just had a little scare with one of her breasts, kind of like what I am going through and had a light of life window open up for her after her doctor's appointment.

I got the goose bumps on something she said:

Stop searching for the answer, you are living it!  The more you keep chasing something for the future, the less you’ll be present to what is in here – right beside your right breast.  Listen to your heart.  Tomorrow isn’t any better than today, just like today isn’t any more significant than yesterday.  But fretting about what you NEED to be doing is wasting precious time, the searching will never end, and today will always be lost amongst the sorrow of desire.  Embrace this and life will blossom, living each moment purposefully and dharma will reveal itself.”

To read the entire post from YogaVal, click here.

She is so super cool. 

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Domestic Goddess Designs said...

A-freakin-men! There's always something to do, always more that needs to be done, be gotten, be prepared. Unfortunately, then you're not living in the moment and realizing just how complete everything is right now. :) I'm trying to teach this to the girls. :)