Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011

It wasn't what I was expecting.  It wasn't what Kristjan was expecting either.  Poor dude came down with strep and scarlet fever the weekend before and was way too ill on Halloween evening to venture out and Trick or Treat.

When he noticed Bella getting dressed he got up (he had been laying down - all day) and insisted he put on his costume.  He then grabbed his bag and came up to me and said "Trick or Treat mommy?".  Holy cow...I believe my heart fell out at that moment and turned to goo and I know I got teared up.  I felt so very bad for him.  It just wasn't a good idea to be out in the chilled air running around while he was in pain, had a temp and a rash.

We decided to carry him next door to Nanna and Nannu's house where he could at least Trick or Treat once and then he was happy to hang with daddy at home (still in his costume) and wait for Bella to return with her bounty to share with him.  It all worked out fine.  

He is feeling better now.  I am now overdosing on vitamin C, greens, garlic and onions as I can feel my body is trying to fight something.  Geez....can't wait for this crap to cycle its way out of my house, school and work.   
Here we have Bella the vampire, trying to look all dangerous.  Seriously, she bites.
Here's our little skeleton!  Little blonde skeleton.
Too damn cute!  With Bella having make up on.  I can see we are in big trouble in a few years...

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