Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Meet Max

We did it. It just happened so quickly.  Like everything fell into place.  Last Friday a co-worker of mine who had three dogs too many and two cats brought Tyson in to work for a spell.  We are able to bring in our dogs to the office every once in a while.  Everyone has a dog - it's a dog friendly joint.

I overheard him mention to my auditor (another reason I have not posted in a while - the lovely audit) that he was trying to find him a home.  He had the lowest seniority and they just could not handle all of the animals they had.  My ears perked up and I decided to ask some more questions just for fun.

He met all of our qualifications.  He was fixed, potty trained, crate trained, only 2 years old, didn't shed, liked kids, was a small breed and had a good history.  Oh, and he's a pure bred Yorkshire Terrier, for free.  Well, he was free.  The new crate we had to buy, food, toys, etc. were not.  But we won't complain.

His name is now Max.  This was a family decision as Tyson just wasn't sinking in for anyone.  Even for the dog.  Bella came up with the name, so we kept it.  At first the little dude would follow me everywhere.  Now that it's been over a week he is used to everyone, has a schedule and is very happy.
Cute little guy.  He loves to run and play and the kids do a good job of making sure he gets plenty of exercise.
Bella drew a picture to show how much she loved Max.  Every morning he jumps on her bed and wakes her.  Then he runs to the pantry and waits for her to open it up and give him his morning vitamin treats.  She really loves him.  I think we made the right decision.

Above we have Bella petting Max.  Below them starting from the right we have Kristjan wrapped in a blanket (he pretends to be a butterfly in a cocoon or a snail in the shell a lot), Max's brush, leash and collar, food and water.  On the couch she has me drinking my tea and dad flexing his muscles.  Too funny.

Welcome to the family Max. 

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