Friday, January 20, 2012


Kale is a vegetable you can eat, not just that pretty green stuff they use to decorate the meat case or under that slice of lemon on your seafood plate. It's funny when the most nutirious and healthy thing on the plate is the garnish.

Kale is also one of the most densely nutritious foods out there.  Packed full of protein, vitamins (especially calcium) and minerals.  The kale shirts all originated as Rip used to wear a kale t-shirt often when being interviewed, lecturing or promoting his book.  It became somewhat of a hit. People wear t-shirts that promote beer, food, sports, companies etc.  Poor under appreciated kale should have a shirt too. 
So Chris got me one.  I've had to explain what kale is twice so far from wearing it.  So it seems to be a good food educating tool.  I also get that "you're weird" look in my direction.  I find that hilarious.

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