Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What? A new post?

Why Yes!  I'm still here!  Well, maybe not here on this blog like I am supposed to be, but I am still around that is.  I think about this blog almost daily and wish I could focus more time to it, build it and watch it grow.  Hell....I proposed an idea to co-author another food blog with a close friend and I haven't done a thing with that yet... I disappoint myself with unfinished plans and promises.  Let's not get too involved on that subject right now...

As you all know I have a slammed schedule and have poor time management skills.  My job currently has been demanding a lot of my time which is good because I have a job, but poor on my personal life. I am supposed to work to live, not live to work.  One of these days by George!

Enough personal punishment for now.  On to some food!

What happens when you put together...
Yummy avocado cream
with seared firm tofu
and fresh from the garden roasted carrots and parsnips?
A blow your mind delicious meal!
Here's another view of those roasted vegetables.  I visited my friend Kimberly who has a lovely garden growing.  She pulled these fresh multi colored carrots and parsnips while we chatted.  I had to cook them that afternoon.  They were so creamy, sweet and savory.  They were the highlight of the dish and I could have eaten my fill of them.

I have found that being plant strong makes eating out not so fun.  I don't really enjoy eating out because of the quality of food you get for the money you spend.  I enjoy being able to sit down, relax and be served but the food completely lacks any taste or quality to what I can make at home.  I am not talking about a family owned restaurant where mama's love is in the kitchen or a finer dining establishment with a trained chef where they practice their passion.  Those places serve their food with love and tend to care about the quality, taste, health and freshness of the food.  Those places always shine and always have a more diverse selection of food.

I am talking about any chain restaurant really. Which is the majority out there  I realize they employ many people, help keep the economy churning, but really....you are not going there to have a blow your mind quality meal you are going because you don't feel like cooking or doing the dishes. When you are vegan, your choices at these places are always lame as almost all of the items on the menu contain meat or are drowning with cheese, butter, cream and oil.  Where are the vegetables?  The poor vegetables are always just those two little broccoli spears on the side hidden under all the meat and cheese. 

People tell me it must suck to be vegan because my choices are limited.  They are so wrong.  I have a plethora of choices.  The same people that harp on me for not having a diverse choice to my diet spend all their time eating nothing but cheeseburgers, hotdogs, macaroni and cheese, french fries and pizza.  Yeah....now that's a rainbow of food diversity there.  That seems more limited to me.  Not a speck of green to be seen.

I recently took a friend to a chain restaurant for lunch. It was nice to get out of the office but I ended up eating a head lettuce salad with way too much oily dressing, some salty garlic oil sprayed bread sticks and over cooked pasta with what they called marinara sauce.  The "sauce" tasted like they just opened up a can of chopped tomatoes. I spent forty bucks and left there feeling dirty.  That forty bucks could have bought me over a week's worth of fresh vegetables at the market to make multiple meals.

When I eat at home I know where the food comes from, I know how it's cooked and I love how fresh and healthy it is.  So I would rather have leftovers from the dinner above for lunch at work than to eat out.

On a different note, here's Max!  He's doing very well at home.  Bella is still in love with him.  We all love him.  He's a good little dude.

Boy...I'm back, posted about food, had a quality vent and even a picture of the dog.  Only missed some pictures of the kids!  That will be my next post.

See you then!  ;o)

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