Monday, February 27, 2012

Always have on hand

For those evenings when I'm running low on time or just needing something quick I always make sure to have my staples on hand to make roasted veg and pasta. Tonight was one of those nights.  I changed into my Jazzercise gear today at work only to begin feeling ill later and never made it to class.  I repacked my gear for tomorrow.  I'm having some vertigo I think from my allergies.  The oak pollen is troublesome for me. 
Chris noticed I wasn't feeling 100% and wanted to help so he chopped up the veg (onion, green bell peppers, red bell peppers, garlic and cherry tomatoes) for me and we roasted them until browned on top.
Pureed the veg with some salt, pepper, crushed red pepper and a little honey.
Some toasted pine nuts.
Tossed the veg puree with cooked pasta and topped with the nuts.  For this dish we used brown rice pasta.
My shadow Max.  If I'm in the kitchen, he's in the kitchen.  At least now I have a crumb catcher for those items that make it to the floor.  He's a good little guy. 
Another friendly greeting from my little man.  He told me, "You are beautiful mommy."  I asked him how he became so sweet and he replied.  "I opened the frig."   

He knows the frig holds yummy things like vanilla almond milk, kumquat marmalade, homemade peach preserves, his cherry yogurt, red grapes and maple syrup.  All the things my little sweet tooth likes. 

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