Sunday, February 12, 2012

Finally some food!

I apologize for the snooze.  I'll elaborate on another post.  Life kind of got in the way for a bit.  Until is some food!
Baked sweet potatoes topped with Italian seitan sausage, mushrooms onions and red bell pepper.
My first attempt at making spaghetti squash.  Chris and I made this dish, he prepared the spaghetti squash after having to google what we were to do with it!  Here we have sauteed spinach with garlic, roasted cauliflower and spaghetti squash with fresh cherry tomatoes.

We found a new rice to love.  It's called Forbidden Rice.  It's black as coal, but sweet as honey.  It totally rocks.  I love it.  Here I'm heating up some onions, peppers, apple and maple seitan sausage with garlic.

There on the left is that black gorgeous rice awaiting its addition along with some pinto beans and then some left raw chopped peppers and onions for the end.
My first attempt at acorn squash.  Actually, I hadn't had the vegetable since I was a child and remembered I didn't care for it back then.  I totally dig it now!  Holy cow!  Very rich and sweet.  I added a bit of brown sugar and chopped pecans on top.
The completed forbidden rice dish.  Looks like there is more stuff than rice. Next time I may add more rice to the mix.
My plate before I devoured it.  I'll be making more of those squash again.

So far I haven't met a squash I didn't love.  Butternut, spaghetti, acorn, pumpkin, summer and zucchini.  Gotta find some more and give them a try.  I'm on a roll here.  Winter veg is so rich and yummy.

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