Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wonderful things

I finally had a good workout!  Jessica our instructor is so inspiring and fit! She's such a buzz of energy!  I just want a cup full of her enthusiasm.   I realize she's still in her 20's which makes me well over a decade older than her but I can still feel inspired by her.  Her energy helps pump me up and to see women older than me that look rock hard and trim...that's just as inspiring.  That means to me that it's possible to have just as much energy and look the best I can in my forties as these girls do in their twenties.

Did I say forties?

Well, I may not be as energetic as Jessica but I do feel way more fit and healthy now than I did in my twenties and thirties.  I know that if I stick with a program of exercising daily and keep up on good food, I can feel even better.

Work out evenings also equal quick dinner options.  There was one last bag of precooked brown rice in the freezer and I knew the perfect thing to have with it.

I have to say that red Thai curry paste and coconut milk are wonderful things.  You can change up the heat and flavor depending on how much paste you use, you can mix and match whatever vegetables you want.  The textures and some of the flavors will change, but you will always have that rich and creamy curry sauce to keep it cozy.  I use light coconut milk to try and lower the fat I'm taking in.  Since this dish is meat free, it has zero cholesterol.
I started by cooking up some sliced button mushrooms and fresh rapini.
When the rapini was wilted enough I added some cubed tempeh.
I threw in a frozen bag of mixed carrots, cauliflower, Lima beans, green beans and zucchini.  I try and keep a few bags of mixed frozen veg in the freezer for quick add ons.
A nice dollop of red Thai curry paste (we like ours with some heat).
Mixed in the curry paste well.
Added two cans of light coconut milk, stirred a bit and let simmer about ten minutes.
Served over the brown rice.
I love this sauce!

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