Sunday, March 4, 2012

The baking bug

Ever since I ordered a couple of warm pretzels while out roaming at the mall recently, Chris has been itching to make some.  It all came about one day when we were enjoying the afternoon at the mall and I was getting hungry.  My diet at the time mainly consisted of broth as I was dealing with my latest little pancreatitis issue so I had to be careful what to snack on.  I thought a warm and simple pretzel would possibly be ok.  I was getting a bit light headed and needed something in the belly.

I went to the little kiosk and just ordered two pretzels with salt.  What I saw was them take those baked pretzels, lathered them up with a melted butter or oil substance and then sprinkled on the salt. 

At that moment, I knew I couldn't have any and I was too bewildered to spend any more money to order a plain - no salt pretzel.  Bella devoured hers and Chris forced down the other. Little Kris wasn't interested and just stuck to his cereal bar I had brought along for him.

Chris knows I enjoy a good warm pretzel (no one makes them like Disney) and Bella kills them.  He decided it would a good project to conquer the pretzel and be able to have them at home and without the melted butter / oil substance.

His first attempt went great!  Only issue was the salt really.  We didn't have the large coarse salt and he accidentally sprinkled a bit more than usual.  Once you scrape some of the overage off, they were really good. 

Aren't they cute? 
I made what seems to be a our weekly staple of forbidden rice again for dinner and every time I make it, I change the vegetables around.  This batch had asparagus and black beans.  Notice I had a yummy pretzel for dipping.

Thanks Chris for the yummy pretzels!    ;o)

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