Monday, September 17, 2012

Burger Time!

I received a text from Chris at work today about how much he loved his lunch!  It was leftovers from last night.  He also mentioned how he would love some more spinach. 

So I happily obliged.
Chris also wanted to try out those bagels, so I thought it would be a great night to make some burgers.  Here we have adzuki bean burgers on those yummy Udi's bagels.  Fully loaded with mixed greens, tomatoes and onions.  Now that I type this...I can't believe I forgot to put dill pickles on them!

I made a bigger batch of wilted spinach with garlic (so we would have more for work tomorrow) and also a toss about of corn, hominy, red bell peppers and onions.

It was really good!  Those burgers I have been getting are rockin!  They are Hilary's brand "Spicy Green Chili Adzuki Bean Burgers" packaged two to a pack.
These are great in a pinch and all you really have to do to cook them is pop them in the toaster!  I can surely make them myself right?  Next time, I think I'll give it a try.  Here are some recipes I may be choosing from:

Adzuki Bean and Sun-Dried Tomato Burgers
Curried Quinoa and Aduki Bean Patties
Brown Rice & Adzuki Bean Patties

The first one really sounds good doesn't it?

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