Thursday, September 13, 2012

The sixth day

It's day six!  I was super lazy with this one.  No, wait.  Not lazy, pressed for time.  Alright, a little bit of both.
This was simply a jar of Barilla roasted garlic red sauce (gluten free!), a bag of mixed frozen veg, a can of cannelinni beans, handful of green olives, handful of frozen petite peas, a chopped onion, some sliced mushrooms and boiled quinoa spaghetti pasta.

I cooked the onion and mushrooms until translucent, added everything but the peas and let simmer while boiling the quinoa in another pot, just as you would regular pasta.  Threw the peas in at the end and served!

I have admit.  The only way to have enough quinoa spaghetti pasta for four dishes is to use two boxes.  It's a little more expensive than regular pasta but still way cheaper than going out! 

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