Thursday, October 11, 2012

Easy Stir Fry

Chris's new favorite for the time.  Just a basic easy stir fry!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


An added bonus to our trip was the opportunity to visit the one place I have always dreamed of.  New York City.  I teared up when I got there because I was so happy and teared up when I left because I didn't want to go.  I absolutely loved it.  Can't wait to return.  I know I will be back.

Here are some pictures from that amazing day.
 Waiting for the train
 Double Decker!  We of course sat up top.  It was electric, so it was super quiet.
 Bella loving the train ride in
 First view out of Penn Station right at the Madison Square Garden.  Awesome!!

 There were tons of super cool buildings with beautiful architecture.
 In line on the 86th floor to the observation deck on the Empire State Building
The tallest building you see is Freedom Tower still under construction.
 Central Park!

 Took a picture above us to see the tip top of the Empire State

 Over on the left  with the cool arches is the Chrysler Building
 Bella having a slice of NYC pie.  I had a bite.  I had to try it.  Boy was the red sauce amazing!
 Chris going in for seconds. 

 I was trying to capture some street scenes with the many taxi cabs included.  We took two taxi rides that day. 
 The Museum of Natural History.  Another beautiful building.
 Bella and I waiting for the fellas taxi to arrive.
 Even more beautiful on the inside.

 The museum was right outside Central Park.  Here we can see our future my dreams.
 View from inside the museum of Central Park and surrounding buildings.
 Really wish this wasn't blurry.  Here is a student from the Parson's School of Design working on an assignment.  He was to sketch for six hours.
 Finally!  Kris gets to meet a real T-Rex!

 We went into the park.  It's massive and beautiful.  A great place for city dwellers to go and relax.  We saw tons of runners, walkers, people cycling, and just people playing and relaxing.

Kris was loving the park.  We wanted out of the stroller so he could run.  We soon let him loose.

We found a large clearing where there were people having picnics, playing Frisbee, napping and shown here, just gathering and playing music.  I loved the vibe.
A beautiful spot.  You would never know all of this is surrounded by a giant booming city.

I now know this address!  44th and Broadway.  Times Square!

Here's my official tourist pic.  I don't care, I was loving it.
We visited this Toys R Us.  The largest.  I think it had four floors and the kids and I rode the Ferris wheel inside. 
I didn't want to leave.  I think I said that already.  I loved the city.  The diversity of people, the fact that everyone seemed content with doing their own thing and it was like everyone was accepted.  The city had a heart beat.  It was alive.  Tons of places to go, eat, drink, shop, explore and live.  I can't wait to visit again someday.  I felt at home there, even though it was just one day.  It was more that than what I had expected.  It was better.  Thank you so much Grandma and Grandpa for taking us.

The kids had a wonderful trip.  On this trip they got to ride a bus, take a tram, fly in a plane, ride in a limo, enjoy a wedding, party at the reception (Kris was a party machine), play on the beach, ride a train, go up an elevator to the 86th floor and see on top of the city, see real dinosaurs, ride in a taxi and even enjoy a Ferris wheel. 

Now back to reality. That means piles of missed work and early mornings.  Boo.

NYC, until we meet again.  xoxo

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New Jersey is beautiful

Please don't assume New Jersey is anything like the TV show Jersey Shore.  From what I could see, it's beautiful and the beaches are lovely too. It is the garden state after all.

 The kids had a great time exploring on the beach. The weather was perfect.

 Kris showing me some pretty leaves.  They where just starting to turn.

 The pic is a bit fuzzy, but we took a couple of walks.  The weather was cool and the greenery just brilliant.

I can't wait to share my next post.  Our trip to New York City!!!  Stay tuned!