Sunday, January 6, 2013

Gall Bladder

Hello everyone.  I also am a bit surprised to finally be back on here.  My absence was due to many events that took place in the last couple of months.

My last post featured our wonderful trip to New Jersey for the wedding and to visit with family.  I loved that visit.  Not just because I got to finally visit NYC for the first time, but because I had a great time visiting with family.

My only issue was my tummy pain.  Before, during and after that trip my pancreas pain was returning more often and at many moments I was truly frightened.  Upon our return I immediately visited my Gastro doc for help.  He ran blood work and I had another sonogram.  The sonogram looked ok, but my blood work showed my pancreas was inflamed again. In another effort to find the cause I had a HIDA scan done to test the activity of the gall bladder.

The scan showed that my gall bladder wasn't working at all and provided hope that finally we found the answer.  In November I had my gall bladder removed and found from the surgeon that there was also small stones or sludge within the organ.  This sludge along with a nonfunctional gall bladder probably caused the backup and clogging of the ducts leading into and out of the pancreas.  These small stones were obviously too small to have been noticed on my previous sonograms.

To think, that all this time it was my gall bladder. 

So now I have to get focused again.  I am feeling unorganized.  I must be a creature of habit because when I deviate from my schedule, I always stumble before getting completely back to it.  I'll get it handled.  One item at a time. 

One of my immediate items on my list to getting back on track is getting blood work done to see how the old pancreas enzymes are doing now.  Maybe to be able to enjoy a glass of wine again.  That would be nice.

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