Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Some favorites

I'm trying my best to think of fast meals on week nights because time isn't on my side.  Especially those evenings when I exercise and not get home until just after 7pm.  Chris helps plenty by assisting Bella with her homework, getting Kris bathed and getting them fed if they are starving.  Sometimes I tell him when I get to Jazzercise to throw some sweet potatoes in the oven or to chop this or that if he has time.  It all helps.  The goal is to not eat and then have to go straight to bed. 
Tonight I made something quick with all the items being on my favorites list.  French lentils are my preferred lentil to use for cold salads because they still keep their texture and have a nice meaty taste.  I make my lentil salad exactly the same as I make barley or rice salad.  Chop up my favorite crunchy veg that I have on hand, a little olive oil, juice of a lime, salt and pepper. 
I love pinto beans!  This was just a can of rinsed (If found Goya brand doesn't have the BPA liner) pinto beans, chopped baby bok choy, salt, pepper and a smidgen of olive oil. Stir it up until the bok choy is just wilted. That's it.
There they are! I just love roasted cauliflower. I purposely brown them because those brown bits turn sweet. It's the only way to eat this veg. Super awesome and super easy.  This time I tossed in some onion because we all know caramelized onion is the bomb!  Just veg, little olive oil, salt & pepper.  Toss about and bake at 450 until nice and browned.
Here they are all together.  Boy I hate how my pictures come out.  I need to work on that, or get better lighting in my kitchen. 

I do have some bulbs out...better get with maintenance on that.

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