Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bella, Pokemon and a good story

When I went to Nanna and Nannu's to pick up the kids after work, they were both coloring and drawing.  Bella is really getting into Japanese Anime and has been a Pokemon kid for some time now...for at least three years or so.  She loves all things Pokemon.  She knows most of the characters and their different life phases.  Yeah, now I'm getting into stuff I have no clue about.  It makes no sense to me what's going on.
Here is a quick drawing of Pikachu, which I believe this is his name and size during his second phase of life.
Unfortunately art alone won't get you into college.  So we try and make sure she gets that extra reading time in each day.  Especially those days when she has no homework.  Bella likes to read aloud to me while I cook most times.  I like listening to the stories while I work away.  Most are pretty hilarious these days.

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