Sunday, February 10, 2013

Ok, I can do this

Get with the program Vanessa! 
Time to get back to my carrots.  Instead of my usual breakfast of a banana, peanut butter and almond milk shake I will alternate that along with a few days of carrot and apple juice. 
I made a batch of French lentil salad.  Love this stuff.  Seasoned only with salt, pepper and lime juice.
Roasted Beets.  I like to snack on these as is.
Dinner this evening was a tossed fresh kale salad, some leftover grilled veg sausage, roasted beets and my lentil salad.  Used up the last of my precious miso dressing.

My kitchen stalker. Always hoping for something to make it to the floor. It's a nice to have a mobile vacuum cleaner but at the same time, he's right under my feet and I may end up crushing him and cracking my skull. Most of the time I end up barricading him out so I can cook without worrying about busting my butt. He will always get his his bowl.

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