Friday, February 22, 2013


Here is my ideal food pyramid and the one I'm sticking to. I have complete faith in this philosophy for a healthier life and better nourished body.

It's been a while since I stood on my soap box, so here goes.

I am convinced that there is a vicious circle rotating around us.  People are overweight, yet malnourished and sick.  Most diseases are from lifestyle choices and can be reversed or avoided.

The vicious cycle:  GMO crops to grow faster + Pesticides to kill bugs better + drugs to keep livestock well + drugs to make livestock grow faster + convince the public to eat the livestock + people get sick + heath care costs for the sick people + prescribe drugs to sick people .... repeat.

They are all cashing in on us and us being unwell.  Depending on our sickness.  It makes them lots of money.

On a lighter note.  I am going to again experiment to see if perhaps I have an allergen or allergens for my constant hay fever type symptoms.
So back to the drawing board.  Omit one at a time, see how I feel.  If nothing changes, omit the next....repeat.

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