Saturday, February 9, 2013

Tossing it up

Today was a great day for me.  I spent the day with Bella.  We went out and ran some errands, did a little shopping and just hung out.  Bella wanted to do it again soon, and we will.  Bella needed some new sneakers so we went on a quest for some. 
These are what she wanted. Chris told her that Justin Bieber called and wanted his shoes back.  What's a mom to do?  They were on sale, she liked them, they are comfortable...whatever.  As long as all of her important parts are covered, I really don't care. 

These days, anything goes.  Matching is old school.  Freedom of expression and artistic preference is all the rage now.  Or maybe it's just another fad of the ages.

I ended up stopping by the new Whole Foods in town.  Now we have two.  Still both are far from home, but I'll still make the trip when I can.  It's worth it.
When we got home I was too tired to get to heavy into cooking so it was the perfect opportunity for a tossed veg salad.  I sprinked it with some Chia seeds for good measure.
I've been back on gluten and honestly need to again try and omit.  Until then, I had to use up some of the delish Field Roast vegan sausage I had to top on the salad.
A must have when I visit Whole Foods is to pick up a bottle of this locally made dressing.  This stuff rocks! 

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