Monday, March 4, 2013

Better late than never


I'm not too late to pick up where I left off in life and continue for a better life....

They say it's not too late to get back to exercise, better diet, education, starting over...

So I suppose I better do something.

I'm referring to my work.  Yeah, work.  That thing I can't call a career.  My fault that I didn't finish school I suppose and my fault that I'm still at the same place, doing the same thing and still complaining about it. 

My boss decided to quit without notice.  Our corporate headquarters and owners are now coming to visit to see what to do with us now.  For some reason I'm really not afraid. 

I've learned through the years that office staff in my industry are pretty much at the bottom of the food chain.  So when I notice that only the sales staff are being contacted and assured during this time, I again am reminded where I stand.  Who I am to them.

I'm tired of doing "stuff" for no meaningful purpose other than to bring in revenue.  Other than paying bills that is. Thankful to be doing so, but at what cost? 

I can pay bills other ways.

Like going back to school.  Taking that twelve month health coaching program.  The ECornell program.  Getting out of where I am, and finding a place where I belong.  Where I can help people, children or the community.

I can't help but admit that if they did close the place, I would find relief.  The heavy weight lifted.  Instead of feeling sadness, I would see hope.  I would have received that swift kick in the ass to get moving towards progress, not complaints.  I would have no other choice.

This week and months to come will soon show their true colors.  I'm going to be proactive on this, not reactive.  It's time to move on.

Better late than never.

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