Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What a gem

I can't tell you how much I adore my Bellabean.  She has to be the most sensitive person I know.  Good because she has the most compassion.  Bad because it hits her very hard when she sees suffering or pain.

She's growing too fast, but I am proud to say she's getting better and better.  Better at dealing with her fears of getting hurt, bleeding, pain and trying new things.  She has also been helping me out so much with the housework and with Kristjan.
Recently she told me that she couldn't skate at the roller rink because they purchased new roller skates for the arena and they hurt her feet.  After a few weeks of complaints I decided to get her some blades.  She was so excited!  We will be moving closer to the rink and once we do I'm sure we will visit all the time.  At $2 per three hour session, I think I can swing it.

She's been practicing every day ever since she got them to prepare for her next visit to the rink with her pals.  Today was her first day on the blades alone.  When I got home she gave me a card that she made.
I just love it!  Not only is she the sweetest little thing, but she showed me her bruises with pride and also was so happy to have done it.  She's facing her fears and learning she is strong. 

Mind over matter!  I'll cherish this little note along with many more she has given me.  I love you Bella.

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