Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Long stretch

It's been such a long time since my last post that blogger has revamped its layout and I'm like a beginner again. 

Let's see....Since August - The quick rundown:

Bella had a wonderful birthday and also had a sleep over with many little girls over while her mommy was a nervous nelly!  It wasn't bad.  It was also my first sleep over, being the mom.  My mom celebrated her birthday by sharing some time with us while they stayed at Disney for vacation.  The kids got to eat at the T-Rex restaurant and look at all of the wonders inside.  Halloween was interesting this year.  Bella dressed as a Mindcraft character and had a blast, while Kris stayed home with me due to a little behavior issue at school.  There's always next year.

Soon I'll be preparing for Kris's 6th birthday and also our move.   Oh, and somewhere in there I need to prepare for Christmas. We've been working very hard upgrading grandpa's house to become our home.  The addition is almost complete, yet there is still a lot of painting, changing, and fixing to do.

I apologize, but I really don't have many pictures for you.  I've been too busy.  I will post some before and after pictures of the house once we are moved in.  Right now; to say I'm trying to catch up, are some pictures to share.  Once the dust settles (if there is such a moment), I want to begin my garden and return to my blog and sharing recipes and other things along the way.

I can't get enough of our new view. 
Kids playing near the "pole barn".  We hope to convert part of that into a chicken house and garden tool center. 
Kids at T-Trex restaurant. 

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Nice to see you back!

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